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first locations

9th South/9th East and South Temple Locations

The Cosmic Aeroplane was the brain child of Steve Jones and Sherm Clow — first opening its doors in June 1967. It was a small place on the corner of Ninth East and Ninth South that sold underground newspapers, bells, beads, paraphernalia, and other assorted ‘hippie’ merchandise.

(L to R) East and West Bays on the ground level floor.

(L to R) East and West Bays, Ground Floor — Cosmic Aeroplane at 238 E. First South.

1967 to 1969: Photos from the Cosmic Aeroplane at 9th and 9th

1969 to 1974: Photos of the Cosmic Aeroplane on 369 South Temple

1974 to 1976: Photos from the Cosmic Aeroplane at 366 S. West Temple

1976 to 1991: Photos of the Cosmic Aeroplane at 258 East First South

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Other General Links:
A History of the Cosmic Aeroplane by Joe Stohel from the EVENT Newsmagazine.
Salt Lake Sixties — Catalog of the Poster Show at the Art Barn on Finch Lane

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Cosmic Aeroplane, A Love Story (Text Only) by J.R. Taylor from CATALYST Magazine
Cosmic Areoplane, A Love Story (Illustrated) by J.R. Taylor from CATALYST Magazine

J.R Taylor and CATALYST Magazine won an award from the Society of
Professional Journalists in 2015 for Cosmic Aeroplane, A Love Story
J.R. Taylor’s photo and description of the SPJ award. (PDF)

A Look Back at Cosmic Aeroplane by Connie Lewis from UTAH STORIES Magazine

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Interior paintings of the Cosmic Aeroplane at 369 West South Temple


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The Catalyst Magazine: Official Website
Rare Books Blog: Marriott Library, University of Utah
Back of Beyond Books in Moab, Utah: Cosmic Descendant
Cosmic Colleagues “Lambiek” in The Netherlands
Cosmic Staffer Par Holman in Lambiek’s Comiclopedia
Pappy’s Golden Age Comics Blogzine
Hive Gallery: Cosmic Descendant (Facebook Site)
Raunch Records: Cosmic Descendant (Facebook Site)
Ken Sanders Rare Books: “Creating chaos out of anarchy for a better tomorrow …”
Cosmic Musician Christian Coleman (Facebook Site)
Cosmic Musician Willis Clow
Rev. Willis’ Holy Ground Blog (Sherm Clow Archives)
Salt Lake Concert Posters: Charley Hafen’s Blog
Smoke Blues Band CD (Sherm Clow Archives)
They’re HERE: San Francisco Posters via Postergeist
Underwater Poetry Festival CD (Sherm Clow Archives)


I thought there should be a place where you could get underground papers, cigarette papers, jewelry, that kind of thing,” said Steve Jones. “Posters were a big thing at the beginning, dance posters, W. C. Fields posters. It was a head shop, but a head shop in the terms of using your head — I wanted some kind of image of traveling in your head, hence the Aeroplane part. That didn’t necessarily entail drugs, either …”

The Cosmic Aeroplane on First South

The Cosmic Aeroplane on First South

We actively request your contributions of pictures, memorabilia, and oral histories concerning the Cosmic Aeroplane — please contact our blogmeister:

Blogmeister Michael Evans is an author and historian.




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14 Responses to Cosmic Aeroplane Intro Page

  1. Rev Willis says:

    You may want to add a link to my blog… not much “cosmic” these days, so I understand if you don’t link, but maybe it would have some value as an old Cosmic guy.

    I will add a link on my blog to the Cosmic blog.

  2. Rev Willis says:

    the RSS feed from this site does not seem to work into my Gmail acct.

  3. Jim says:

    CATALYST magazines current issue features an homage to 100 catalysts of SLC/UT culture. 99 of the hundred were individuals, the Cosmic Aeroplane was the only honoree that was not. To see the full article:

  4. Jim says:

    Michael, Jim here. I placed a friend request with you on fb some time ago but you probably don’t know who I am as I have a common name and now live in SC. I worked for about five years at the Aeroplane, I built and ran the Metaphysics/Eastern Philosophy sections in the location the headshop vacated when we moved it downstairs. Worked for Sanders at Dream Garden a number of years after that. I suspect we’ve met. Kudo’s on your terrific efforts on the Aeroplane’s history.

  5. Katie Schneider says:

    Hi~I stumbled across this page in a google search. I’m looking to purchase some of the old calendar’s. I can’t seem to find them for sale anywhere. Do you sell these, have prints available, or know where they do sell these? Thanks!

    • Thanks for visiting, Katie! The Cosmic calendars on this site were almost all scanned by the Rare Books Dept. at the Marriott Library at the U. of U. which now owns them.
      The few that weren’t are stapled to the attic wall upstairs at a donor’s house — I can’t say it is impossible to find them, but your search will need some luck. I hope you succeed!

  6. Wow, this is some great stuff from the past. I loved in info on Smokey’s Records, what’s he think about all this memorabilia? Where is the stuff on the Blue Mouse? Well, Michael I just met you tonight, but thanks for a trip down memory lane. All the Best, Roger Crandall

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