Anti-War Service People

The Cosmic Aeroplane rented space to Hal Sparck’s Draft Resistance office in the west part of the corridor running into the store, which started as the Used Record Department. I heartily recommended this office to dozens of friends and inquiring individuals during the Viet Nam War. (See Cosmic Aeroplane History.) This page links to digital scans of an underground magazine called The Daisy — published by active duty servicemen who were posted around the Salt Lake Area and Tooele County, and distributed at the Cosmic Aeroplane, among other locations:

daisy01wAfter clicking the link below, please wait for all eighteen pages of the PDF to load.

The Daisy — Issue Four

From the contents, this issue appears to be printed in 1971. The original stapled copy is missing a sheet with pages 17 and 18. It was scanned as-is.


Thanks to co-advisor Larry Ficks, another issue of this brave publication is now online.

Image from Daisy #5 -- Courtesy of Larry Ficks.

Image from Daisy #5 — Courtesy of L. Ficks.

After clicking the link below, please wait for all fourteen pages of the PDF to load.

The Daisy — Issue Five

There are no clear indicators of a publishing date in the text of this copy.


Art by Passey

Art by Neil Passey

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2 Responses to Anti-War Service People

  1. Rev Willis says:

    Good to see this again. All I can say is that Vladimir Yippie still lives…

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