Young Bruce Roberts — Journalist

Bruce started out early as a newspaperman!

From the Salt Lake Tribune 1966

From the Salt Lake Tribune — May 19,  1966

Quotation from the Salt Lake Tribune 1966

Quotations from the Salt Lake Tribune — May 19, 1966

He was able to MAKE news while gathering the news.

Salt Lake Tribune Awards 1966

Salt Lake Tribune Awards 1966

The following PDF was made by scanning the entire original article — kindly supplied by Bruce’s sister Becky:

Tribune Awards 1966


Roberts enrolled at the University of Utah as a Journalism Major.


Detail from University of Utah recruiting circular circa 1966*

Read both sides of the information sheet as a PDF File:

University of Utah Journalism Department Circular circa 1966 (PDF)

In January 1967, Roberts started as a sports writer on the Daily Utah Chronicle, the official campus newspaper, under progressively radical editor Paul Taylor.

Introduction of Freshman Roberts to the pages of the Daily Utah Chronicle

Roberts was Rock Editor at the Daily Utah Chronicle as live concerts by internationally-known artists became part of a new Alternative Movement:

Bruce Roberts — Chronicle and Concerts


Three years later, Roberts was covering the front lines of a cultural revolution — ALL POWER TO THE PEOPLE :

Three years later, Bruce Roberts is covering the front lines of a cultural revolution.

The first issue of Bruce’s inner-city newspaper, which ran for several years.

The following PDFs were scanned from Central City News Number One June 18, 1969.
The entire issue has been separated into four parts for easier downloading:

central_city_news1969a (Equal Opportunity was a real concern, and still is!)

central_city_news1969b (David Laflamme, plus Santana’s first concert in Salt Lake.)

central_city_news1969c (Black Power and Eldridge Cleaver’s Soul On Ice.)

central_city_news1969d (Editorials & MORE!)

If you have the time and bandwidth, here’s the whole issue:  central_city_news1969

Bruce was raising money through grants and advertising to make things happen!

Bruce raised money through grants and advertising to make things happen!

Bruce Roberts also printed another underground newspaper called The Street :

Recovered Alternative Publication (PDF) : The Street Paper 1970-1972

Scans of the actual newspapers from the Rare Books Division, Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah. *Additional materials courtesy of Bruce Roberts papers Accn 2598 Special Collections and Archives, University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library, Salt Lake City, Utah. 


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