“The Street” — Underground Newspaper

The Street Paper: 1970 to 1972

logo01Bruce Roberts and Steve Jones were involved with other projects besides Central City News and The Electric News :

From The Street Paper Number One

From The Street Paper — Issue Number One

(Large PDF files can take a while to load, please be patient.) Archive of PDF files:

Scans of the actual newspapers from the Rare Books Division, Special Collections, J. Willard Marriott Library, University of Utah:

Issues One, Two, and Three.

Issues One, Two, and Three.

The Street Paper: Issue One — Street Paper v.1 Issue 1 

The Street Paper: Issue Two — Street Paper v.1 Issue 2

The Street Paper: Issue Three — Street Paper v.1 Issue 3

Issues Four, Five, and Six

Issues Four, Five, and Six

The Street Paper: Issue Four — Street Paper v.1 Issue 4

The Street Paper: Issue Five — Street Paper v.1 Issue 5

The Street Paper: Issue Six — Street Paper v.2 Issue 1

Bruce Roberts’ role in running this paper is described in Steve’s Hand Written PDF
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About Michael Evans

Michael has lived in Montana, Washington State (East and West), Holland, and England, but he was born in Salt Lake City, and graduated from the University of Utah.
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3 Responses to “The Street” — Underground Newspaper

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  2. Dan Roberts says:

    Thank you for noting my brother Bruce.. HE set the pace for anything as we grew up I love
    and miss him dearly.
    Dan Roberts

  3. Bruce was a good man — Thank you for looking in on our site!

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