ZioNoiZ ‘Zine — From the Cosmic Underground of the 1980’s

ZioNoiz (Pronounced Zion Noise) was an Alternative Magazine circulating in the early-to-mid-1980’s

Front Cover of ZioNoiZ Volume I. Number 3 -- courtesy of Dave Faggioli.

Front Cover of ZioNoiZ Volume I Number 3 — courtesy of Dave Faggioli.

This profoundly Cosmic ‘Zine was the precursor of more professionally-produced music periodicals like SLAM and Salt Lake Under Ground. It featured articles by Cosmic staffer Jonathan Bray and others, along with interviews by Cosmic Brad Collins of Raunch Records, an essay on drug abuse, letters, and various advertisements from other 80’s Alternative Shops like Grunts and Postures.

“Zion” was in the air, and on the air: KRCL 90.9 FM was (and still is) a Community Radio station that broadcasts Reggae Music on Saturdays under the proud banner of the “Lion of Zion,” said Mt. Zion being the site of Solomon’s temple in Jerusalem, thus venerated by Rastafarians in their songs, plus “Zion” was used colloquially around the region in association with a landmark in Downtown Salt Lake.

KRCL also featured Brad Collins spinning Punk Rock in the wee wee hours of the weekends on his show “Behind the Zion Curtain.”

Read the entire issue of ZioNoiZ Number Three as a scalable PDF file.

(Large PDF files can take time to load properly — we appreciate your patience.)

From rear cover of ZioNoiZ #3

From the Rear Cover of ZioNoiZ #3


ZioNoiZ was also the name of an Improvisational Ensemble:


Firsthand from musician Dave Faggioli:
The initial Zion Noiz (or ZioNoiz) gig was held in a gymnasium / rec hall in Marmalade Hill Church … in February or March of 1983 – This was the first use of the term that I am aware of, since I was pondering what to call the six hours of Noiz … Ken Rudd (played) drums along with misc percussion & drummer Aaron Ruschetta.   Richard Jonas played electrified viola, Neil Passey showed up for awhile and played bass, Rod Dankers on Guitar, Curt (Setzer) on Guitar and piano mostly, I played Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxes …

Image courtesy of David Parish -- SLC Punks FB Site.

Behind the Zion Curtain — courtesy of David Parish — SLC Punks FB Site.

Faggioli further writes: I think the ZioNoiZ … (image ab0ve) was created after the early 1983 event and most likely after the winter solstice 1984 Painted Word gig (thus the use of the skull & crossbones dotting the “i”)

When some of these musicians played at the Painted Word, a local Punk Rock haven run by KRCL deejay Perry Shepard, they used the name Noiz Ziontists.

Image courtesy of Dave Faggioli.

Image courtesy of Dave Faggioli.

Firsthand from Faggioli: I created and distributed the two Noiz Ziontist flyers (See example from 1984 above) with the computer lettering created by former Imitators & later “A Plague of Locusts” synthesizer musician fantastique Greg Howes, who appeared at these gigs as well.

Image courtesy of Dave Faggioli.

Image courtesy of Dave Faggioli.


We actively request your contributions of pictures, memorabilia, and oral histories concerning the Cosmic Aeroplane — please contact our blogmeister: mike_evans_exile@yahoo.com


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2 Responses to ZioNoiZ ‘Zine — From the Cosmic Underground of the 1980’s

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  2. Jodi Palacios says:

    Where to start. I volunteered all the time The Painted Word and the Impromptu Poetry hour. Saturdays. I was best friends with Daphne until she moved to Cali. I am trying to find the Volume # In one of the Punk magazines around 80s. Slug doesn’t go back that far. I lost touch with Brad after it closed. So many memories. Point is I was so involved with the movement I was the first women to a tock a Mohawk. Get it touch.

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