Numenor’s Vernal Equinox Dance Concert — March 30, 1968

Archive of slides by Ross Terry


Vernal Equinox Dance Concert: March 30, 1968 — Poster by Kenvin Lyman.

NOTE: All photographs require a certain amount of exposure to light. These images were taken under constantly-moving illumination with people in motion. One or two shots benefited from strobes or flashbulbs, but Mr. Terry’s slides are historical artifacts from a unique time and are presented with only a few digital adjustments.


Jerry Abrams Headlights — wide angle views:


The screens spanned half the central Coliseum arena and were over thirty feet high.
(See the black and white photo below for reference.)

Some images were also used on the page Cosmic Music — Numenor, Window on the West (Coast)  with enhanced color saturation to reproduce the density of color as seen at contemporary light shows.



Exterior view of the now-razed Fairgrounds Coliseum — the dome began three stories above ground. Soon after the Rock Concert Era began, fairground managers tore out the concrete floor for the sake of equestrian events, but the venue was colloquially renamed “The Dirt Palace” among concert-goers and was known by that moniker for the rest of the building’s existence, even after the concrete was repoured.






Rock Groups

Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield


Buffalo Springfield

Buffalo Springfield



Hard-to-identify performers, possibly the Youngbloods, with Lev “Banana” Lovinger at his electric piano — Other groups playing that night included H.P. Lovecraft, and Holden Caulfield from Salt Lake City.


Photos of Jerry Abrams at work during the concert:




abrams03 abrams04


Jerry Abrams Head Lights — Medium Shots and Silhouettes:






Color photographs from 35mm slides © Ross Terry and used by permission. Scans and minor digital processing by Michael Evans. Thanks to Steve Jones for arranging the publication of these historical images.


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About Michael Evans

Michael has lived in Montana, Washington State (East and West), Holland, and England, but he was born in Salt Lake City, and graduated from the University of Utah.
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4 Responses to Numenor’s Vernal Equinox Dance Concert — March 30, 1968

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  2. Christie Wilcox says:

    One of the most memorable concerts I ever attended. The music was magical and the light show was mesmerizing, to the point of when I turned around, the security guards were all just lined up against the back wall paralyzed in a colorful trance! I wore a purple toga that night. 🙂

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