21st Century Cosmic FM — KRCL and RadioACTive

In 1979, Community Radio KRCL 90.9 FM started out in a tiny studio above the now-closed Blue Mouse Theater, next to Cosmic Aeroplane’s final location on First South.

This station continues to broadcast eclectic music and public affairs programs throughout the Wasatch Front in the Twenty First Century.


KRCL moved its studios from 262 E. First South (Above Left, behind the colorized aqua window) to 800 South and Second West (Above Right) from where they sent out their broadcasts for almost twenty years. KRCL then used temporary space in a now-demolished industrial building next to the railroad tracks (Bottom Left) at approximately 600 West and Second South before moving to 1971 West North Temple (Bottom Right.)

KRCL 90.9 FM put out a wide-ranging signal throughout Northern Utah from a transmitter on the high ridges of the Oquirrh Mountains, overlooking the Great Salt Lake. It is a matter of record exactly how often that site was affected by thunderstorms and wildlife, sometimes to the detriment of KRCL’s signal actually being on the air.

It might take a while to discover or report on a signal outage, so KRCL’s various shows could still be going on because nobody in the station itself knew that they were off the air. Of course, the best-remembered stories are from Radiothon, like “Sparky,” an unfortunate squirrel, who got the blame for a sudden power failure in the mid-80’s, or David’s enthusiastic two hour Sunday Grateful Dead Retrospective, of which only the first ten minutes were heard. Long-time Jazz DJ Steve Williams’ last show in the early days of KRCL was also lost in a transmitter failure, and Williams is repeatedly teased about “finishing” that final show of his.

Cosmic Aeroplane staffers who were Disc Jockeys on KRCL include:


Cosmic Aeroplane owner Bruce Roberts holding a KRCL program guide — Photo by Lynn Johnson, Salt Lake Tribune 1985.

Brad Collins, Smokey Koelsch, Sherm Clow, Michael Hatsis, and Julie Leuders. Ebay Hamilton reintroduced Soul Music Fridays, a tradition introduced by Larry Ficks (‘The Professor’) early-on in KRCL’s saga. Other noteworthy DJs include professionals from other stations like Michael G. Kavanagh, Steve Williams, Barb Guy, and Lara Jones, plus musicians Curt Setzer, Dale Carlson, and ‘Bad Brad’ Wheeler. Long-running programs include “Red White and Blues” from Brian Kelm, and “Smile Jamaica,” featuring Reggae from Myron Fairbanks, Michael Hatsis, John Reese, and carried on into the present by Robert Nelson.


Lara Jones, producer and co-host of RadioACTive, wrote an article for Greta DeJong’s Catalyst Magazine about the passing of two lifelong and effective activists — Paul Wharton and Robert Archuleta, whose work benefited not only KRCL, but also the wider community over several generations.

In Utah’s world of grassroots activists and community builders we recently lost two great men— Robert “Archie” Archuleta on January 25 and W. Paul Wharton on February 14 …


(L to R) Mr. Paul Wharton; Cover of Catalyst Magazine, April 2019; Mr. Robert Archuleta — Used with permission of author Lara Jones and publisher Greta DeJong.

Link to “Passing of the Old Guard” by Lara Jones in the online edition of Catalyst Magazine — originally published in print during April of 2019

Catalyst Magazine is also a major Salt Lake City non-profit which began during the Cosmic Aeroplane Era — Here’s a link to their main page in the World Wide Web:


Salt Lake’s Punk-Rock pioneer and urban gardener Aldine Strichnine invited Michael Evans to speak on KRCL 90.9 FM during RadioACTive in 2016 about the Cosmic Aeroplane as a creative incubator of Salt Lake City’s Alternative Scene. Al was interested in Michael’s historical work, like this web site, and also the theatrical memoir he’d recently published. These conversations with Cosmic/KRCL individuals continue over the air, thanks to Aldine and RadioACTive hosts Lara Jones, Billy Palmer, with the support of KRCL’s staff and volunteers.


KRCL May 27, 2016

mike _KRCL_150c

The RadioACTive gang and their guests on May 27, 2016

(L to R) Co-host Aldine Strychnine; Singer Shanin Blake; Michael Evans; Urban farmers Holiday Dalgleish and Tyler Montague; Producers Lara Jones and Emily Means.

Our conversation on RadioACTive covered the Cosmic Aeroplane itself; the Cosmic Archival Site; Stew Ellington’s Cosmic Aeroplane/Blue Mouse Facebook page; my own book The Great Salt Lake Mime Saga and Amsterdam’s Festival of Fools; plus Salt Lake’s Dance Scene, past and present, which spawned those intercontinental adventures between the covers.



mike _KRCL_150_dec_16_2016

Michael at the microphone on December 16, 2016 — Photo by Aldine Strychnine, KRCL’s Punk Rock Farmer.


The show’s theme was “Music Meets Activism — Then and Now,” with Ken Sanders of Ken Sanders Rare Books reading challenging poetry by Charles Bowden and part of “A Writer’s Credo” by Edward Abbey; Michael Evans, speaking about Hal Sparck and Draft Resistance at the Cosmic Aeroplane on 369 West Temple, Steve Jones’ wiretapped pay phone, and Cosmic spin-off businesses; PLUS beautiful live music from Kate MacLeod.


Kate MacLeod gracing the airwaves with song — Photo by M.E.


KRCL December 23, 2016



Christmas Music and Cookie Social in KRCL’s big studio on Dec. 23, 2016 — Photo by Jim Bosworth.

(Standing Left to Right) Kate’s visiting daughter, Jonathan K, Aldine Strychnine, Michael Evans, and Lara Jones, with Kate MacLeod (Sitting), and various members of Badfeather sitting and standing all over the studio.

The First Annual Punk Rock Farmer Christmas Music and Cookie Social featured: Rose Park’s urban farmer Jonathan K; Felecia Maxfield-Barrett of the Utah Council for Citizen Diplomacy; A tribute to recently-departed Cosmic Aeroplane founder Steve Jones with Michael Evans; and live music from the band Badfeather.


Cosmic Aeroplane founder Steve Jones (1943-2016) wearing his characteristic denim clothing.

The highlight of this show is special musical guest Kate MacLeod singing the full version of Henry Wadsworth Longfellow’s “I Heard the Bells on Christmas Day,” and telling the story of its painfully anti-war lyrics.


mike _KRCL_03_smokey03

RadioACTive on March 24, 2017 featured John “Smokey” Koelsch as the main guest — Photo by Jim Bosworth

(L to R) Scotty Hayes, Madelana’s visiting friend, Lara Jones, Madelena McNeil, Smokey, Michael Evans, and Aldine Strychnine, KRCL’s Punk Rock Farmer. (Inset) John “Smokey” Koelsch. Co-producer Billy Palmer is missing from the photo.

Madalena McNeil of “Utahns Speak Out” talked about the postponement of a town hall with Rep. Chris Stewart (R-2nd District, UT) to Friday, March 31, 7 p.m. at West High School in Salt Lake City; Wendy Fisher of Utah Open Lands was on the phone about saving Bonanza Flats; John “Smokey” Koelsch — he who put the “Smoke” in Smokey’s Records and Smokey’s Blues Hour “back in the day” on KRCL — talked about local Blues, vinyl records, and retail music before and during the CD revolution. There were a few words from archivist Michael Evans, leading to questions about Smokey’s days at the Cosmic Aeroplane too. Also, live singing from Scotty Haze and recorded music from harmonica player Peter Brandt and the Rocks & Gravel Blues Band circa 1972, thanks to Smokey.

NOTE: All the live music was recorded at the Blind Mule Saloon in Park City, and we try to say so on the air. Peter Brandt’s music was recorded in the rear of the Cosmic Aeroplane when it was located at 369 W. South Temple, and both recordings may be downloaded free from Rev. Willis —



(L to R) Peter Brandt in rehearsal with Smoke Blues Band; Original Cosmic Aeroplane sign at 9th & 9th in 1967, painted by Peter Brandt.


KRCL June 2, 2017

Lara Jones interviewed influential Disk Jockey Michael G. Kavanagh about the Summer of Love in 1967 and other subjects concerning the Nineteen Sixties. An edited version of the interview was played during RadioACTive on June 2, 2017.


Michael G. Kavanagh in 1967, likely taken in Keith Warshaw’s Supermarket. Michael G. repeatedly mentioned the Cosmic Aeroplane in on-air conversations with his many “Night People” callers on KCPX 1320 AM during the Summer of Love — Courtesy of Steve Jones, Charley Hafen, and Becky Roberts

Lara Jones also put her COMPLETE interview with Michael G. Kavanagh online:


Additional material from Michael G. Kavanagh’s archives, including a piece from KRCL’s Program Guide of April 1981 —

Michael G. Kavanagh’s Memorabilia — Tracing some of his many accomplishments in AM and FM Radio (PDF File)


KRCL July 7, 2017


The original Cosmic Aeroplane at the 9th & 9th — Sherm Clow (L) and Steve Jones (R) Photos courtesy of Sherm Clow.

Lara Jones and Aldine Strychnine interviewed Cosmic Co-Founder Sherm Clow, about the 50th Anniversary of the Cosmic Aeroplane (for a start), the Late Sixties, Radicalism, Poetry, and Punk-Rock — Sherm starts talking early!


KRCL May 7, 2018

RadioACTive’s co-hosts Billy Palmer and Lara Jones interviewed Blogmeister Michael, prior to his book talk and historical lecture for the 100th Anniversary Celebration of the Chapman Branch Library — Managing Chapman Librarian Mary Anne Heider capably informed the radio audience about the overall Chapman Centennial, and Lara Jones guided the conversation to Michael’s book The Great Salt Lake Mime Saga and Amsterdam’s Festival of Fools. We also spoke about Community Radio KRCL-FM sharing the front page of the West View newspaper’s Volunteerism and Service to the Community Issue for Spring 2018, along with Michael’s journalistic coverage of “Chapman 100.”


(L to R) Lara Jones, A.J. Collette, Mary Anne Heider, Michael Evans, David Heiblim, and Billy Palmer — Photo taken through Michael’s own camera with color corrections by M.E.

There were literally a dozen other guests that busy Monday including — a real ton of visiting speakers. Award-winning special education teacher Jason Tackett, backed up mine and Mary Anne’s contention about the importance of teaming Free Public Libraries with Free Public Education; David Heiblim of The Dispensary; Liberty Valentine, Moudi Sbeity, and the Saffron Kitchen Project by the Utah Refugee Education & Training Center, a non-profit space dedicated to helping under-served youth and refugees develop a commercial kitchen skills to take them into the professional culinary world; A.J. Collette of Flourish Bakery; Ana Valdemoros and Tham Soekotjo of Square Kitchen SLC, another culinary “incubator” kitchen freshly open on SLC’s west side, near the Chapman Branch Library.


KRCL May 30, 2018


(L to R) Kelly Salmans, Sue Robbins, Courtney McBeth, Michael Evans, Lara Jones, Billy Palmer, and Isabella Sabala. Photo taken by Natalie Benoy with Mike’s Canon Vixia.

RadioACTive’s co-hosts Billy Palmer and Lara Jones talked about Jazz with Kelly Salmans and Michael Evans. We especially concentrated on Saxophonist Joe McQueen, honoring him on his ninety-ninth birthday, describing his long life in Jazz, and inviting KRCL’s listeners to McQueen’s free concert in Downtown Salt Lake City the next evening. Salmans works with concert producers Excellence in the Community, and the Gallivan Center, who served over five times ninety-nine pieces of birthday cake to all concert-goers twenty-four hours later. Kelly is involved with other Jazz venues too. We also spoke about the remarkably expanding Jazz Scene along the Wasatch Front, the high quality of college professors teaching the art of Jazz, and their eager and aggressive students.
We mentioned Jazz DJ Steve Williams, whose Jazz-playing father moved his family to Salt Lake in the 1950’s. Steve literally grew up on Jazz, and began his forty-year career on the air by doing one of the very first programs on KRCL 90.9 FM in 1979 as “Mayor of Jazz City.” Besides currently playing Jazz over KCPW 83.3 FM every Sunday, he is also retired from KUER 90.1 FM after three decades of spinning Jazz every weekday evening from the University of Utah’s NPR/PBS station.
Read more at: Cosmic Allies Vol. I — KRCL-FM and Steve Williams

Also on the show were: Courtney McBeth, project director for the U.of U. statewide American Dream Ideas Challenge; Sue Robbins, Utah Pride Center board member; Lucas Fowler, board chair, Transgender Education Advocates of Utah; and Jason Groth, from ACLU of Utah’s Smart Justice Campaign.

KRCL’s DJs honored Radio Innovator Michael G. Kavanagh at his passing.

Michael G. Kavanagh was an experienced AM and FM Radio personality before and after and during the same time he was one of KRCL Community Radio’s initial DJs. Steve Williams started his long on-air career at KRCL watching Kavanagh work the board and equipment one night before Williams began his own show as ‘Mayor of Jazz City’ for the first time. During August 2018, Williams spoke many times about Kavanagh’s importance to local radio as MC at several live concerts, and during his broadcasts on KCPW 88.3 FM.


The Byrds in concert at the Terrace Ballroom on April 6, 1968. (L to R) Lyme Inc. poster by an unknown artist; Chris Hillman, Bass; Hillman’s cousin, Kevin Kelly, Drums; Michael G. Kavanagh, MC; Gram Parsons, Guitar & Keyboards; Roger (Jim) McGuinn, 12 String Guitar — Poster and photo via Michael G. Kavanagh and Joe Prokop of KUED Channel 7.

One of Our DJs is Missing !!

John Florence honored Michael G. Kavanagh on KRCL’s “A Brand New Day” on August 29, 2018.  John started his tribute with three songs about radio DJs, like the line quoted above from “Around the Dial” by the Kinks, and continued for at least another hour, with great Michael G. faves like “Good Vibrations,” “When the Music’s Over,” and Otis Redding’s “Respect.” He also played a portion of Kavanagh’s interview with Lara Jones, recorded in the wake of PBS affiliate KUED-TV’s new summer special about the Lagoon resort north of Salt Lake City where Kavanagh introduced innumerable Classic Rock groups, as well as announcing legendary musicians and bands at the Terrace Ballroom, Salt Palace, Dirt Palace, and so many points in between.

John Florence also spoke about “The End” by the Doors as “The Beginning” of Modern Radio, and Michael G’s “fighting to keep good music on the air.” Among the many records played in Kavanagh’s honor were “Cry Baby” by Janis Joplin, who Michael G. knew personally from when they shared the stages at local concerts. John played the Velvet Underground, whom Kavanagh introduced to Salt Lake Radio, plus Pink Floyd, Steppenwolf, Sugarloaf, and other Progressive bands. Michael G. introduced Bob Dylan’s first album to Utah’s airwaves, so songs sung by Dylan, Van Morrison, Paul Simon, Sam Cooke, and Muddy Waters honored the memory of this forward-looking Radio professional.

On the previous day, Lara Jones re-posted her vivid summer interview with Michael G. on RadioACTive’s website, and spoke in praise of him and his positive influence on local radio programming and musical tastes during her RadioACTive broadcast.

RadioACTive with Billy Palmer, Ma Black, and Lara Jones August 28, 2018


Labor Rights Week, Utah Hispanic Workers Alliance, Journey for Justice TPS, Inland Port Reform, People’s Hearing on San Rafael Swell, Michael G. Kavanagh

Tonight’s lineup: Remembering Michael G. Kavanagh, one of the first rock ‘n roll DJs in SLC, who recently passed away.

Check out this interview which originally aired on the June 2, 2017, edition of RadioActive.


Lara Jones and co-host Aldine Strychnine, KRCL’s Punk-Rock Farmer, later spoke about Michael G. Kavanagh during their live broadcasts from the open-air Liberty Park Market. Aldine performed at “Rock Against Reagan,” along with soft-spoken Michael G. as MC, in a fully-electrified Punk-Rock concert across the road from Temple Square and the Mormon Tabernacle, where the then-president made an official visit in 1984.

Also on Salt Lake Radio during August 28, 2018 — Bill Allred of the popular multi-media show “Radio From Hell” from KXRK 96.3 FM devoted many words over the air in appreciation of his friend and colleague Michael G. Kavanagh.


KRCL’s RadioACTive collaborated with the Salt Lake County Library during Banned Books Week in September of 2018.

The County Library published this invitation for public participation on their website: “When books are banned, it silences stories. As part of Banned Books Week, we ask that you raise awareness of the danger of danger of censorship. Please send a voice memo to KRCL 90.9 FM discussing or reading from a banned or challenged book.”

On Wednesday, Lara Jones played a short segment from S.E. Hinton’s great novel The Outsiders, read by Cosmic archivist Michael Evans.

KRCL September 26, 2018


(L) First HB Edition of “The Outsiders” in 1967; (R) Announcement of “Speak Out for Banned Books” from the Salt Lake County Library.

Among other readings and discussions of censorship that week, Lara Jones spoke with her co-hosts about The Outsiders as required literature in public schools, despite people trying to suppress it, and the popular movie by Francis Ford Coppola, based an this “revealing novel about teenagers — by a teenager.”

KRCL April 5, 2019


Aldine is wearing his “Resistance is Fertile” T-Shirt while he displays a newly-created Punk-Rock Farmer logo for 2019. I chose the “Resistance is Fertile” shirt for its “Circle A” design made of farm implements for my premium as a Sustaining Member of KRCL.

Spring Radiothon 2019 — This picture shows M.E. on the far left (of course), next to Cosmic Aldine Strychnine, KRCL’s Punk-Rock Farmer, with Lara Jones wearing pink in the center, and Billy Palmer flashing a “number one” in the back row while KRCL’s early AM DJ Shell Danis raises the peace sign from behind the crowd.

Aldine spent a lot of time sharing memories of the early Punk-Rock scene around Salt Lake in the early 1980’s, when KRCL was new, and the Cosmic Aeroplane was prospering on First South.

Cosmic Brad Collins, one of KRCL’s very first DJs from forty years ago, also called in and spoke with Aldine about the authentic SLC Punk scene, where Collins made major contributions from inside the Cosmic Aeroplane, Raunch Records, and the Indian Walk In Center across from AAA ballpark Derks Field on 1300 South, not to mention his long-running “Behind the Zion Curtain” show in the wee hours after Saturday Midnight on KRCL during the decades.


KRCL was featured as part of KUED TV’s This is Utah during June of 2019


Isolated frame from KUED’s This Is Utah, shot at RadioACTive’s broadcast on March 29, 2019 from Maud’s Cafe and Coffee Shop, a training program by Volunteers of America for homeless youth. Webmaster Michael Evans (at the center and beardless, drinking coffee per normal) was there by coincidence, one week before Spring Radiothon (see above).

Link to KRCL’s own webpage with a video of their segment
from the show by DJ Eugenie Jaffe.


Link to KUED-TV PBS’s This is Utah page with the complete episode,
called “It Takes A Village.”



KRCL 90.9 FM celebrated 40 years on the air with special programs during drive time December 3, 2019.

Ebay Hamilton played tapes from the first broadcast at 3pm, then remembrances from staff and listeners, and further segments from four decades of brilliant KRCL programs.


(L) Afternoon DJ Ebay Hamilton ran a brilliant 3 hour sonic document about KRCL’s history; (R) Midday DJ Eugenie Jaffe helped compile and archive this ambitious and successful project. (Inset) 40th Anniversary candy-cake in KRCL’s studio — click on the link below to see it lit up! Photo by M.E.

Link to the archive of the complete 40th Anniversary Drive Time Show

Phone messages from a variety of listeners and staffers punctuated KRCL’s broadcasts over several days. These included bits by Jazz DJ Steve Williams, Eclectic DJ Jimmy Hamamoto, Avant Garde DJ Dale Carlson, and even VT (Volunteer Technician) Webmaster Michael Evans, who dubbed cartridges for on-air programs during the 1980’s, like Star Date with Joel Block (John Greene and Chris Gittins called me “Chip” — from the old “Block”) plus Duck’s Breath Mystery Theater, with Dr. Science, Randy of the Redwoods, and Ian Sholes.

RadioACTive continued the celebration …


(Left) Drive time DJ Ebay Hamilton; (Right Center & Top) Designated DJ Lara Jones & Toastmaster Billy Palmer. Photo by Webmaster Michael, who was on hand as a reporter from the West View newspaper.

“… KRCL turns 40 with a toast from Blackfeather Whiskey, KRCL history with Stephen Holbrook and Donna Land Maldonado, RadioACTive spotlight on folks getting into some good trouble – Utah Coalition to #KeepFamiliesTogether, The Lord of Misrule, and Utah youth leading the Global Climate Strike Friday at the Utah State Capitol …”

Link to RadioACTive Anniversary Toast December 3, 2019

KRCL threw a well-attended 40th Anniversary party at the Union Event Center on December 4, 2019 …

… in a venue that previously hosted progressive Senator Bernie Sanders, and a triumphant mass wedding reception for Utah’s first legally married same-sex couples.


(Left*) Steve Williams shows his KRCL credentials for 1981’s Telluride Jazz Festival, while Webmaster Michael and Jamaica Trinnaman from the West View newspaper and Hello! Bulk Markets, look on; (Right) Part of an onstage group photo with KRCL alums (L to R) Aldine Strychnine, Lara Jones, Ma Black, John Florence, Billy Palmer, Station Manager Tristan Tabish, Ebay Hamilton, and Steve Williams. (Photos via KRCL* and M.E.)

The festivities started with a live RadioACTive show, followed by performances by soloist jazzy Joshua (Joshy Soul) Strouther, electrifying bandleader Talia Keys with Jazz keyboardist Ryan Conger, and jam band Mokie with Jazz keyboardist Jeremy Abernathy, plus short DJ sets by Ma Black, Robert Nelson and MORE

Link to KRCL 40th Anniversary Concert Live Broadcast



RadioACTive September 4, 2020 —

During Labor Day Weekend 2020, RadioACTive shared a conversation with Jeremy Harmon. Director of Photography at the Salt Lake Tribune, Harmon helped put together a webpage dedicated to labor martyr Joe Hill. See it HERE

Jeremy Harmon, like Lara Jones of KRCL, is also a valued contributor to the Cosmic Aeroplane Archival Site, helping us document social activists like (clockwise) Ammon Hennacy, Bruce (“Utah”) Phillips, and original KRCL DJ Michael G. Kavanagh, who was present at many an anti-war demonstration at Salt Lake’s Federal Building when he worked at KSXX 660 AM, three blocks down the slope of State Street.
Michael G. was also MC for “Rock Against Reagan” in 1984, introducing Punk-Rock Farmer Aldine and his Massacre Guys band, among others, while the so-called great communicator (sic) spoke kitty-corner in Temple Square. (Photos via Joe Bauman, Ken Sanders Rare Books, plus the Daily Utah Chronicle, via Michael G. Kavanagh and Joe Prokop of KUED TV.)


We actively request contributions of pictures, memorabilia, and oral histories about the Cosmic Aeroplane and related cultural phenomena — please contact us:

Blogmeister Michael Evans is an author and historian.
Email: mike_evans_exile@yahoo.com



DISCLAIMER: Any advertisements you may see below this page are artifacts of our blog-hosting service and are totally unrelated to this project.

About Michael Evans

Michael has lived in Montana, Washington State (East and West), Holland, and England, but he was born in Salt Lake City, and graduated from the University of Utah.
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  1. John Greene says:

    Wow, some serious history there. The takeaway , to me is this. When an organization is created with the singular goal of serving the community and asks for volunteers to make it happen. They will come, and the magic begins.

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