Cosmic Allies Vol. II — ‘Women Aloud’ on KRCL-FM

Introduction:  In August of 1986 after attending a public radio conference, Maggie Laun realized there were few women’s voices on KRCL about local or national issues.  She pulled together a steering committee to talk about the possibility of women taking over the airwaves in recognition of International Women’s Day.


Maggie Laun in KRCL’s record library on 800 South, from an article in the Desert Sun by Sandra McIntire (1985)

She drafted likeminded women onto the committee who were already connected with the station:  Nini Rich, Annina Mitchell, Deb Levine, Carly Jimenez, and Donna Land Maldonado.


First poster and the logo for Women Aloud 1987 — Design and artwork by Jutta Gellerson. “Radio ACTive” is also the name of a drive-time program on KRCL devoted to activism and current affairs in 2019. It is produced by veteran radio personality and reporter Lara Jones.

After five short months of hard work and production training, the many women who joined us put together 53 hours of programming of public affairs and music, all by women.


Women Aloud March 6, 7, and 8, 1987


The organizers publicized Women Aloud in Salt Lake City’s local print media:

women_on_the air_100_triple

Article from Network Magazine
by Desiree Mays

Women_on_the Air

Article from Catalyst Magazine
by an uncredited writer

Catalyst_Magazine Article_1987

Article from the Salt Lake Tribune
Friday, March 6, 1987 by Keri Schreiner

KRCL to Air 53 Hours on Women’ s Issues


The first Women Aloud drew a very positive response from the community.
Two examples are included below:

Essay about Women Aloud 1987 by a participant:


Kathleen Mason of Utah’s Governor’s Commission on the Status of Women wrote: 
I’d also like to commend you and all the other people involved in “Women Aloud.” I was fortunate enough to hear a number of the programs and found them extremely interesting. I certainly hope that the series will be played again and that many more people will have the opportunity to listen to them. Please express my regards to the staff at KRCL.



KRCL Program Guide for March/April 1987, including the schedule for the first weekend of Women Aloud:

Program_Guide_March_April_1987:_Women_Aloud (PDF)


Despite tireless work by Donna Land Maldonado and the women volunteers who were programming public affairs and music, the ratio of women’s voices on the air was still relatively small. The initial goal was to have more women create, produce and bring the finished product to the airwaves.


Initial “Women Aloud” logo design by Jutta Gellerson

Women Aloud was an annual event for five years, with participants and stories varying as their different lives and responsibilities changed, as women’s lives inevitably do. The varieties of women’s experiences are reflected in the program guides (see below) from those years.


Women Aloud — March 4, 5, and 6,  1988


Invitation to a fundraiser for Women Aloud 1988 —


Note: Musicians Maggie Beers and Julie Mark performed
for at least another decade around the Salt Lake Area.


“In The Beginning” script for Women Aloud on
March 4, 1988 at 4:00 pm with Maggie, Nini, and Annina.

In the Beginning_(PDF)

Webmaster’s Note: I was listening to “In the Beginning” while driving my car and found myself laughing so hard that I needed to pull over to the side of the road on the Gravity Hill section of Salt Lake’s City Creek Canyon until they finished the segment.


*Gravity Hill, at about the same location where I listened to “In the Beginning” over the air during 1988 — Photo by M.E. (May 2019)


KRCL Program Guide for March/April 1988,
including the Women Aloud schedule:

Program_Guide_March_April_1988: Women_Aloud (PDF)


Women Aloud — March 10, 11, and 12, 1989



KRCL Program Guide for March/April 1989,
including the Women Aloud schedule:

Program_Guide_March_April_1989: Women Aloud (PDF)


Women Aloud — March 3 and 4, 1990



Program Guide cover by Melissa Jones (1990)

Musician Kate MacLeod performs around the USA and Europe in 2019, and still sings in the Salt Lake Area, as well as on live broadcasts over KRCL-FM. The ‘Art Barn’ still stands near the University of Utah, overlooking Reservoir Park, as City Arts ‘Finch Lane Gallery.’


KRCL Program Guide for March/April 1990,
including Women Aloud Schedule:

Program_Guide_March_April_1990: Women Aloud (PDF)


Women Aloud — March 7 and 8, 1991



(L to R) Lynn McCue-Hamilton; Deborah Levin; Maggie Laun; Benjamin; and Jane Torrance — Photo by Al Hartmann, S.L. Tribune.


Article from the Salt Lake Tribune about Women Aloud — March 4, 1991

2 Day programming for women set on KRCL  by Julie Magid (PDF)


Scan of the ‘Women Aloud’ schedule for 1991:

Women Aloud Schedule March 7, 8, 1991 (PDF)


Conclusion — The Women Aloud Team writes in 2019:
Mercifully, times have changed in the electronic media and beyond.  Station managers at both KRCL and KUER are women, as is the editor of the Salt Lake Tribune, the presidents of three Utah universities, and the dean of the University of Utah law school.
Women’s voices and viewpoints are now loud and strong in Utah.



KRCL 90.9 FM used 91FM for PR purposes in its early decades. The station observes 40 years of service to Utah and the Western USA starting November 2019.

Documents and images courtesy of Maggie Laun. Introduction by Nini Rich, Annina Mitchell, and Maggie Laun. Scanning and image processing by Michael Evans, who also contributed a solitary photo.* Further thanks go to the First Unitarian Church, and also the Art & Architecture Department of the Marriott Library, University of Utah, for providing their large-scale scanning facilities to the public.


We actively request contributions of pictures, memorabilia, and oral histories about the Cosmic Aeroplane and related cultural phenomena like KRCL-FM — please contact us:

Webmaster Michael Evans is an author and historian.



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