Cosmic Aeroplane History

A History of the Cosmic Aeroplane
Including related info about many Cosmic affiliates )
by Joe Stohel 1992
cos_logo04wIntro to this reproduction:
The pages of this PDF are scanned from xeroxes of two articles from The Event, published in December 1992 — thanks to Steve Jones.

A History of the Cosmic Aeroplane

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The following article from the Deseret News was published as the Cosmic Aeroplane was conducting its “going out of business” sale in early 1991.


There is at least one major inaccuracy — the reporter is unaware that the store began on 9th South, but there are some sincere opinions from Cosmic customers too.

High Flying Days Ended for the Cosmic Aeroplane
— Deseret News January 30, 1991


A decade later, John Pecorelli wrote about Cosmic Aeroplane and the local Counterculture as part of a three page article entitled Feelin’ Groovy — The 60’s Counterculture in Utah, published in the April 2001 issue of Salt Lake Magazine.


Photos by John Pecorelli; Charles (Artman) Brown by an unknown photographer circa 1969.

Click on the link to read the full article as a PDF File:

Feelin’ Groovy from Salt Lake Magazine April 2001 (PDF)

(Reproduced with permission of Salt Lake Magazine, granted November 2016.)

Salt Lake Magazine article courtesy of the Bruce Roberts papers Accn 2598 Special Collections and Archives, University of Utah, J. Willard Marriott Library, S.L.C. Utah.


The Salt Lake Tribune wrote about the Cosmic Aeroplane’s eventual managing partner, Bruce Roberts, at his passing — March 16, 2010

Bruce Roberts Obituary 2010

In September 2014 CATALYST Magazine published a short article about Bruce Roberts as an addendum to their multi-page feature about the Cosmic Aeroplane during July 2014:

Cosmic Aeroplane Addendum: Bruce Roberts by Becky S. Roberts

Articles courtesy of Becky Roberts, Steve Jones, and Charley Hafen. ‘Catalyst’ article reprinted by permission of Greta De Jong. The photo from 1991 is from Steve Midgely Photography : “Here is a photo I took of the Cosmic Aeroplane just before they closed their doors. Please make use of it as you see fit, all rights are granted.”


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