Salt Lake 60’s

Introduction to these Reproductions: The following PDFs are scanned from Steve Jones’ personal copy of the catalog for the Salt Lake Sixties poster exhibition at the “Art Barn” in Reservoir Park during 1995:

(L) Exhibit #742 by Pat Eddington; (R) Cover of catalog by Neil Passey.

L: Exhibit #742 by Pat Eddington (Printed at Sun Litho in 1973);  R: Cover of catalog by Neil Passey.

To allow somewhat more timely downloads, the catalog is divided into sections:

Poster Exhibit Catalog Part One

Poster Exhibit Catalog Part Two

Poster Exhibit Catalog Part Three


NEW — Color and Black & White Photographs from the installation and opening reception for the Salt Lake Sixties exhibit at the Art Barn in 1995.

(R) Neil Passey at the opening reception 1995.

(R) Neil Passey at the opening reception of Salt Lake Sixties in 1995.

Large PDF files can take time, so we appreciate your patience in allowing them to fully open:

Salt Lake Sixties Installation Photos in Black and White (PDF)

These files were recovered from postings in a now-deleted blog, and are uploaded with permission from Charley Hafen Jewelers. Use the PLUS (+) icon to enlarge, and the UP and DOWN arrows to scroll through the documents.

Salt Lake Sixties Opening Reception Photos in Color (PDF)

(Extra large file) The first page of the color series identifies some of the people in subsequent photos. Neil Passey is wearing a straw cowboy hat in some pictures.  but no other data for identification is available at the time of these reposts in early 2014.

Original program for the Opening Reception:

(Above) Rear Cover page — Artist Unknown


Scan of complete Opening Reception Program as a scalable PDF

Utah Sixties Poster_Project_Program (PDF)


We actively request your contributions of pictures, memorabilia, and oral histories concerning the Cosmic Aeroplane — please contact our blogmeister:

Blogmeister Michael Evans is an author and historian.


There is more about the Mime Troupe, and the poster shown above, in his book — The Great Salt Lake Mime Saga and Amsterdam’s Festival of Fools.



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5 Responses to Salt Lake 60’s

  1. smidgley2016 says:

    I’m glad to see that the color photos I did of the Poster Project have been preserved, I was afraid that they were gone forever.

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